What is Tapping?


Imagine a family gathering, the sudden smell of smoke, or a difficult conversation with a family member. Each of these experiences can trigger feelings in our bodies. Sometimes, these feelings are negative, leading to stress, anxiousness, and other emotional or physical issues. Instead of holding that negativity in, there is a way that has been shown to be effective in letting it go: Tapping.

Energy Meridians/Acupoints

Tapping is intended as a restorative method that is designed to tune you into your body’s energy meridians, or channels, in order to decrease the intensity of symptoms related to challenging situations.

It doesn’t change your knowledge of the problem. Instead, it can gently relieve you of emotional and physical side effects associated with it. As a result, you may feel more relaxed, empowered, and at ease.

Tapping is based on ancient Chinese acupressure concepts, and uses ideas from positive psychology. It’s like acupuncture– but without the needles. It’s easy to learn, and just as easy to apply on a daily basis.

Is there a specific experience or memory that is distressing your physical or emotional well being? Find the possibility of a way forward with Tapping. Contact me today for a free consultation.

Please be advised, as a Certified EFT Practitioner, I only offer my services as a coach and mentor. I do not provide medical or psychological advice, diagnosis, or treatments.